Workshop on Modern Teaching Techniques

Workshop:  On Modern Teaching Techniques

Date:  18-6-2016

Venue: Sarala Birla Public School

Attended by:  Class and subject teachers of Class KG I and KG II.

Report: A one day workshop for primary teachers was organised at Sarala Birla Public School on 18th June 2016. The objective of the workshop was to make the teachers aware about newer and interesting teaching techniques. The resource persons, Lokesh Darira and Neelam Darira motivated the teachers to use creative and effective ways to deal with students, to make inexpensive teaching aids by using the things from daily life. Methods were suggested involving students and parents. Few individual as well as group activities were done by the teachers at the workshop.

The modern teaching technique would help to develop the confidence and teaching skills of the teachers. The workshop was highly enriching.