Workshop on Indian Kaal Ganana Padyati

Workshop on Indian Kaal Ganana Padyati was organised at Sarala Birla Public School. Shri Shirish Devpujari, Head of All India Sanskrit Bharti Council, Lucknow U.P. was the speaker of the programme. Detailed information on ‘Kal Ganana Padyati’ was given to the students. He told about the origin of Brahma and this universe. He talked about four yugas namely ‘Satyuga’, ‘Tretayuga’,’Dwaparyuga’ and ‘Kalyuga’ and also their time span. He also talked about the calculations based on position of the planets. He interacted with the students and also answered their questions to satisfy their curiosity. Shri Shirish Devpujari extolled the students to connect with the roots. He emphasized on the fact that Indian Cultural heritage is one of the renowned heritage in the world and we should be proud of it. He added that we should encourage our students to learn Sanskrit, as all our ancient scriptures containing great knowledge on various topics are written in Sanskrit.