Teachers Day Celebrated with Janmashtami


On the eve of Teacher’s Day, a grand celebration took place at SBPS since 5th September is national holiday for Janmastami.  For the last one week, students & art & craft teachers along with other teachers created an exhibition on the life & teachings of Lord Krishna just at the trance gate of administrative building. This date this year became even more special as two great Teacher’s birthday will be celebrated on this 5th September .The one Lord Krishna, who towers highest of all teachers of world  & who ,  with his enlightenment of teachings  illuminated the whole world and led the people on the path of ‘Nishkaam Karma ‘(Unattached Endeavour) the way of karma one should adopt without getting worried about its result and, the other Dr. Sarvapalli  Radhakrishnan who interpreted the greatest teacher’s teachings to the whole world with dictum, authority & a sense of duty for the whole human race because it is one & only way of emancipation .

The exhibition imbibed the Lords emancipating endeavors in various ways& his teachings through his various activities. Despite performing everything he remained unattached & contrary to a layman’s opinion, established  his Yogeshwar Sri Krishna identity. Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishna, a teacher of par excellence &  saintly politician taught the whole world about the ages old ancient Indian philosophy & teachings  & civilization. The teachers of the school were received warmly by the management of the school & were given a token of recognition commemorating & reciprocating their contribution, devotion & declaration in this noble field.

On this occasion , the school saluted the spirit of Mr. B. K. Birla, the visionary saint with a teacher’s soul for establishing SBPS & other over  40 educational institutions which include schools, technical & business  colleges as well as deemed universities.