Students of Rajkiyakrit Utkramit Madhya Vidyalaya visit SBPS

Students of Rajkiyakrit Utkramit Madhya Vidyalaya accompanied by the Principal, Mrs. Merkha Tirkey and a teacher, Mrs. Poonam Rekha Bhagat visited SBPS. They visited the Chemistry lab, Biology Lab, Maths Lab, Computer Lab and Physics Lab to learn various experiments and techniques. In Physics Lab, the students of SBPS exhibited the working model of Periscope, Kaleidoscope, types of lens, Spring Balance etc. In the Biology Lab, these pupils observed the permanent slides of Hydra Budding, Stomata etc. They saw as well as conducted various experiment in the Biology Lab. In the Chemistry Lab, few experiments were shown. In the Maths lab, the students were made aware of the various equipments like Geoboard, Square Set etc. used during activities. In the Computer Lab, they were substiated with the ways to prepare power point, use of internet etc. The students of Robotics demonstrated the working model of Robot ‘NEMO’ made by them and made them aware of the use of Robot in real life and also the future of Robots.