SOF : Gold medals pour in SBPS, Ammaar again tops the state


Ammaar Ahmad, a student of Std. II at SBPS, topped Jharkhand in NCO conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation. Getting 39 marks and 58th International rank, he topped Jharkhand. He will receive a gold medal, `5000/- and a merit certificate. Apart from Ammaar, a number of students made the school proud of them bagging 8 gold medal, 7 silver medals, 8 bronze medals, 8 merit certificates, 8 merit of excellence certificate, 7 `1000/- gift, 2 certificate of excellence and 1 medal of excellence. 32 students from Std. II to XII proved their worth in the Science Olympiad Foundation in 2015. The competitive atmosphere of the school is at height and everyone is getting prepared to make his/her way to the gold medals.

Pleased with the over whelming success of the school students, the school congratulated the students on their marvelous success in the Olympiad. The teachers committed work, has resulted the school students to keep displaying their talents in scholastic as well as co-scholastic areas at Regional, National and International Levels.

The following students received medals & certificates.

Gold Medal & Certificate : Ammaar Ahmad, Utkarsh Anand, Pratyush Sarkar, Vartul Anand Jaiswal, Anushree Khaitan, Aditya Dutta, Arnav Barnwal & Aditya Ranjan.

Silver Medal & Certificate : Ayush Aryan, Tejaswi, Sankalp, Antas, Vedansh Lakhani, Pranjal & Abhigya.

Bronze Medal & Certificate : Krish Kavya, Ayush Garg, Ritil Ranjan, Shubhshree Sahani, Devansh, Priyanshu Anand, Denial Andrew & Siddhi Agarwal.

Merit of excellence certificate : Yashveer, Rohini Raj, Dashit bagla, Sanvi, Samiksha, Anurag Roy Chaudhary & Abhinav Roy.