Sensitization cum awareness programme on special needs of children

Programme :-  Sensitization cum awareness programme on special needs of children.

Date: 31st March’16

Venue: Deepshikha, Institute for Child Development and Mental Health

Organised by: Deepshikha

Attended by: Ms. Sangita Sharma (Teacher)

                       Ms. Madhu Mahto (Teacher)


Report:  An awareness programme conducted by Ms. Sudha, on special children, was organised to showcase their special place in the society and the need for the common man to acknowledge and appreciate their special ability. Documentary and visit to different sections of the school saw the children involved in sewing clothes, making and colouring diyas, making mats, envelopes etc. They were not disabled but actually differently abled.

This was followed by a group discussion on their special ability and how a helping hand from the people around could help them prove their best. A learning experience it was for the teachers to gather an insight to a better understanding on child’s need.