Inauguration Of Sarala Birla Maths Academy

The Sarala Birla Maths Academy has been inaugurated at our school by esteemed Chief Guest Mr. Anand Kumar, Super Thirty founder, our Guest of Honour Mr. Ashok Thakur, Director, Muni International School, Delhi, Administrator Mr. Pradip Kumar Varma, school Principal Mrs. Poonam Singh and many other dignitaries from social, educational and political background. Mr. Kumar is now a phenomena in the world.

Since 2002nhe has been coaching the economically backward students for IIT-JEE. By 2014, 308 students succeeded in IIT out of 360 who appeared. The son of a post office clerk, he attended a govt. school because his father could not afford to pay the
fees of a private school. Hence he started super 30 program where economically backward students are provided
coaching for IIT-JEE for the admission of Indian Institute Technology. Since its creation Super Thirty has created a mark in IIT field with almost 86% of overall selection out of the total candidates appeared. In his inaugural speech, he said that math is broad and base of all sciences; it is the queen of science. He assured to
teach math to SBPS students whenever he could get time. It is supreme satisfaction for any individual being to learn math. To excel in math, students have to deal with the four steps because all questions of maths are designed in these four ways only.
They are :-
1. Proof that …….so that……
2. Evaluate………..
3. Find value and ……
4. True or false statement…..
Visual effects are stronger than thousand words and hence
graphical presentation of data is better way to convince
math. Self study equips an individual in a better way.
Students should have thirst for knowledge, a positive way of
thinking, diligence and enduring patience. Parents should
keep their children away from video games and mobiles
and buy biographies of great mathematicians.