Sanskrit week celebration

Sanskrit Week Celebration

Sarala Birla Public School students celebrated Sanskrit week under the supervision of Sanskrit teachers. The assembly comprising of prayer, songs, news and the thought of the day was conducted in Sanskrit.Students enthusiastically participated in the Geeta Chanting Competition held in the school. The participants won hearts by chanting the shlokas from the Geeta. Shubhsri Sahani and Aryaman Kumar Singh of Class V secured the first position. Bhumi Keshri and Akshat Katyayan of Class V received the second and the third position respectively.In the senior section in the Geeta Shloka Chanting Competition, Subham Kumar  Singh of Class VIII stood 1st, Shashank Pandey of Class VIII stood 2nd and Prasuk Jain of Class IX as well as Sudarshan Jain of Class X stood 3rd.In Annuched Lekhan Competition among the senior students, Juhi of Class X stood 1st, Aayushi Gopalka of Class VI stood 2nd & Prena Suchita  of Class X stood 3rd.