Rajasthani Folk Dance

India is a country of rich cultural heritage and its preservance is our responsibility.SPIC MACAY is a society which has been formed to work in this direction.Ustad  Bhungar Khan under the banner of SPIC MACAY visited SBPS on 19th November ,2016 in order to create an awareness about different aspects of Indian heritage and inspire the young minds to imbibe the values imbedded in it.The  members of the society travel all over the world spreading the beauty and grace imbedded in these art forms through dance, classical music,folk,poems, theatre, traditional paintings and crafts .Their dance and music performance namely KALBELIYA AND BHAVAI mesmerized  the students and also instilled curiosity  amongst the children and they interacted with the performers in order know more about the art form.Students were excited to see the selfless efforts of the volunteers in the way of preserving our culture and tradition.