The CBSE 3rd International Life skills, values, gender, school wealth and wellbeing summit 2014

The CBSE 3rd International Life skills, values, gender, school wealth and wellbeing summit 2014 held in New Delhi on 10th to 12th December 2014. A total of 167 schools from India and Abroad participated in various competitions and events such as Elocution, Theme song, Whiz quiz, Counseling sessions, various workshops for students and teachers both.

This summit was preceded by regional summit conducted throughout India. Sarala Birla Public School participated in regional summit held at Kolkata in which they won and qualified for the International summit.The International summit was held at Summerfield School, New Delhi. It was a three day summit in which Sarala Birla
Public School won 2nd Prize in the Thematic song event and Appreciation Award in Global School Health Exhibition.
There were schools from all over India and Sarala Birla Public School represented Jharkhand as they were the only
participating school from the state of Jharkhand.It was a proud moment for us and a moment to be cherished as our school stood 2nd in the summit said the Principal of Sarala Birla Public School.“The International Summit was a life changing experience as we came across different culture, societies, ideologies and thinking from all corners of the country. It was a bold and innovative way to bring the youth of the country together and motivate young minds to critical thinking, abolishment of substance abuse, gender sensitivity, out of box thinking and moral values” said the excited participants of the summit. At the International Summit, Vineet Joshi (CBSE Chairmain)
who was also a distinguished guest visited stall at the Global School Health Exhibition and applauded school efforts at promoting life skills. Abhinav Keshri, Mrigank Mohan, Prithvi Singh Rathore, Kushal Kaushik along with the teacher Dhiraj Kumar Singh participated in the summit.