‘Margdarshan’ – 2 Days Career Counselling

‘With loving care, support and guidance a child can achieve milestones and become a shining star.’ Keeping this in mind, ‘Margdarshan’ a Career Counselling Programme was held in the school premises of SBPS for the students of classes IX-XII on 3rd and 4th October. 2016. The aim of the programme was to equip the students with information about various careers and their prospects. The programme included talk by a soft skill and motivational trainer, Miss. Naaz Praveen. She provided the students with the information about ‘Life Skills’ which included Inter- personal skill, decision- making skill, thinking skill, communication skill and emotional skill. She also talked about ‘anger-management’ and ‘stress – management.’ She told the pupils to become ‘task- oriented’ rather than being ‘time- oriented’. She encouraged the pupils to surmount ‘peer – pressure.’ Towards the end on the 2nd day of the programme, the students were provided with the opportunity to come up with the problems they are facing and Miss. Naaz assisted them with her suggestions.