Let’s Celebrate Nature

Celebrate Nature (13th June – 18th June)

A follow up of CBSE directives and a reminder to the new generation about the importance of conserving and protecting all natural resources and environment. ‘Celebrate Nature 2016’ was organised in the school.

Guided by their teachers, children made eco friendly paper bags. They placed water bowls at open places at home and interacted with the school gardener to see and find in details about how the school waste is recycled and reused. They saw the vermi compost made in the nursery and promised to spread the message of reuse and recycle in their locality.

Ideas, information and pictures of birds and their nests were presented as a collage on the easel board. Posters and placards carried the message of ‘Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planets’. Discussions followed how to keep our planet and our city clean and healthy.

The assembly had the speakers on forest fire, its causes, effect and prevention, ways to conserve water at home and in school & sustainable solution to drought. Class bulletin boards were arranged with slogans, articles and posters depicting environmental challenges due to drought. Through activities the importance of water was highlighted.