School vibrates with cultural activities on Janmashtami

A vibrant and colourful programme was conducted at SBPS on the eve of Janmashtami in which students from Std. III to XII participated. Seeing the enthusiasm of the students, it seemed that Lord Krishna is all pervasive pulsating through their activities.

The students of Std. IX to XII performed a dance-drama on the life events of Lord Krishna. The introductory song ‘Achutam, Keshvam, Govindam Madhavam’ mesmerized the audience and with the dance on ‘Aala Re Nandlala’ the performers stole the hearts. During the morning assembly Shubh Shri Sahani (V) enlightened about the importance of this festival. The children dressed up as Lord Krishna, Radha, Yashoda & Sudama presented a fancy dress show. At the main entrance of the School an exhibition on the life events of the Lord was displayed which became the centre of everybody’s attraction. A PPT on the life of Lord Krishna enlivened the background of the stage with thousands of his ‘leelas’. Students from VI to XII participated in the dance competition organized for them. The winners of the competition were 1st Komal Singh (Atharvaveda), 2nd Ritwika Khetan (Yajurveda) and 3rd K. Aditya (Rigveda).