Interhouse Extempore Competition

An interhouse extempore speech competition  was conducted at Sarala Birla Public School, Ranchi for the students of Std. (VI-XII). Students of all the four houses Atharva Veda house, Rig Veda house, Sama Veda house and Yajur Veda house participated in this competition and presented their thoughts. In the English extempore speech competition of junior category (VI –VIII), first prize was bagged by Yakeen Jain of Std. VIII ‘A’ (Yajurveda), second prize by Aditya Tripathi of  Std.VIII ‘A’ (Rigveda) and third prize by Diksha Raj of Std. VIII ‘A’ (SamaVeda). In the same way in Hindi extempore speech competition, first prize was bagged by Vatsal Dalmia of Std. VIII ‘A’ (SamaVeda), Second prize by Arsh Kumar Gupta of  Std.VIII B(YajurVeda) and third prize by Adhyan Budhia of Std. VIII ‘A’ (Atharva Veda).
In the senior category of Std. (IX- XII), the first prize in English extempore speech competition was bagged by Kushal Kaushik of Std. XII ‘S1’ (Rigveda), second prize by Sneh Satyam XII ‘S3’ (Atharva Veda) and third prize by Tanisha Vidyarthi of  Std. X ‘B’ (SamaVeda).
In the Hindi extempore speech competition , first place was secured by Kashish Poddar of Std. X ‘C’ (Yajur Veda), second prize by Harshvardhan of Std. XI ‘C’ and third prize by Basu Krishna of Std. X ‘C’ (SamaVeda). The whole programme was very exciting for the students as they learnt various things through this competition.