Inter-House Kabaddi and Shooting Competition

An Inter-House Kabaddi and Shooting Competition was organised in the premises of SBPS on 5th and 6th May 2017. The competition was officiated by the sports teachers and was divided in two categories: Junior (Grade VI-VIII) & Senior (Grade IX-XII).

A special, week-long, coaching and training programme was kept preceding the competition to assist the participants to give good performance. After the initial rounds which were full of excitement, it was time for the finals. In the junior category (Girls), Rigveda house was the winner defeating Yajurveda house. In the junior boys category, Rigveda house bagged the first position defeating Atharvaveda house. In the senior category (girls), Yajurveda house stood first defeating Rigveda house and in the senior category (boys), Atharvaveda house depicted their exhilarating skills and temperament and won the match defeating Rigveda house.

 In air rifle shooting, Piyush Kumar of Atharvaveda house bagged the first prize in senior group while in junior group, Ahmad Farhan Khan of Yajurveda and Asutosh Anand of  Rigveda stood first in boys category and Nishita Choudhary of samveda & Shreya Narayani of Rigveda got first prize in the girls category. On the other hand, in pistol shooting, Abhigya and Ujjwal Mohata of Rigveda received first prize in the girls and boys category respectively. Karan Dalania of Samveda and Piyush Mohata of Atharvaveda received first prize in pistol shooting in the junior group boys category and among girls, Shreya Jaiswal of Yajurveda and Anushka Choudhary of Samveda bagged the first prize.