Informative & interactive session with Indian Army

A two hour informative & interactive session was conducted by Artilary Regiment,  a part of 1 corps of Indian Army with a view to spread Defence  related awareness among the students of Std. IX to XII. The session presided over by Lt. Rajat Preet Singh of Artilary Regiment of Indian Army. He told the students that good academy and sound knowledge of Math & Physics help the students to make through the NDA Entrance test. Discussing various aspects and works of Indian Army, he told the students how the army has been shouldering the responsibilities to keep us safe and secure in our homes while they guard the frontiers night & day.  Through various descriptions and slides, the student saw various undertaking taken by the Indian Army before and after independence. The Caption of Indian Army is “to live by change to love by choice & to kill by profession”.

After the informative session, an interaction session took place between resource person Lt. Rajat Preet Singh and the students who wanted to know when and how they can join the Indian Army. The resource person shorted out various doubts of the students in the best possible way.

Class XII  Science student Simran Kedia wanted to know about the prospect for girls in Indian Army. Another student Gautam Pandey asked Lt. Preet discussed various ways of how we can be a part of Indian Army. Lt . Preet discussed various ways of how & when to become a part of NDA, OTS , LDS and another technical services in the Indian Army. He discussed how a ‘C’ certificate of NCC can help the students skip all written tests; there is SSB & medical tests. He said that physical robustness & mental Alertness is required to become a part of this glorious tradition. In answer to a question by class XI student Satyam , he said that the Indian Army is open to all who are physically fit, mentally alert & are committed to serve the nation. Medical, engineering or even a simple graduate from any stream can join the Army. Indian Army is the Republic face of Democracy showing capabilities and ethos. It is ever dependable and fastest responders.