Handwriting competition @ SBPS

To invigorate the students to become better calligraphers, handwriting competition was organised at SBPS for students of grade III-V. The blooming kids require constant motivation and with this aim the competition was held in the school premises. From Std. III Arushi Mehta of Yajurveda House bagged the 1st position followed by Pratibha Kumari of Samveda House at 2nd position and Shanvi Thakur of Atharvaveda House at 3rd position. From Std. IV Mahi Kumari of Rigveda House stood 1st followed by Dhruv Bhartiya of Rigveda House and Kumar Divyanshu Raj of Atharvaveda House at 2nd position and Rounak Kumar of Samveda House at 3rd position. From Std. V Kavya Kumari of Atharvaveda House bagged the 1st position. Pratima Kumari of Samveda House bagged the 2nd position followed by Priyanshi Singh of Samveda House and Kanishka Singh of Rigveda House at 3rd position.