Football League, 2015-16 in Junior Division


Sarala Birla Public School participated in the Junior Division Football League 2015-16 conducted by Chotanagpur Athletic Association.

It should be noted that SBPS focuses on all round development of every child and formation of school football team and other sports teams to evidence to it. The students participated whole-heartedly in football and played fairly to the extent of their skill & strength.

The participants of SBPS Junior team played the game in true spirit with Friends FC”B” on 18th Aug. 2015 & gave tough tussle to the opponent team.

The Team Manager Mr. Ashok Kr. Singh & team coach Mr. Etwa Tigga (both sports teachers of SBPS) did remarkable work to make the team. The team comprised the following students.

  1. Abhishek Singh
  2. Swarat Ranjan
  3. Ankit Kumar Mahto
  4. Sanjam Minz
  5. Ranjeet Munda
  6. Aswini Singh
  7. Aditya Roy Choudhry
  8. Amar Pahan
  9. Mritunjay
  10. Gagandeep
  11. Amit Kumar Mahto
  12. Devansh Pandey
  13. Akash Kumar
  14. Aryan