Experiential learning Trip @ SBPS

In order to immerse learners in an experience and encourage reflection about experience to develop new skills, new attitudes and new ways of thinking, SBPS, Ranchi organized an experiential learning for the Pupils of Grade III to IV, V and IX. The pupils of Grade III to V have visited the ‘Science Centre’, Ranchi wherein the pupils learned science through fun. They saw the musical bars, Interactive Sundials, Models of Resources of Jharkhand, Agriculture and Wildlife of Jharkhand. They also saw the working of Ispat Iron Industry and Production of Crude Steel. The trip was further followed by a visit to the fun science section where they visualized sound, mirror effect etc. They also learnt that how the things like refrigerator, wheels, lever etc work.
The pupils of Grade IX visited Hindalco Industries situated in Muri. Hindalco Industries is considered to be the world’s largest aluminum rolling company and one of the biggest producers of primary aluminium in Asia. The pupils were shown a presentation at Alumina Club about the extraction of alumina from bauxite ore. They went for tour around the plant and learnt the varied processes of extractions.