Experiential learning

‘What we learn with pleasure, we never forget’

Keeping this thought in mind, an experiential learning trip was organised for the students of class II. They went to Ranchi Aquarium, Ormanjhi on 8.12.18.

Students got an opportunity to enhance their knowledge, regarding exotic and indigenous fishes. It showcased 1,600 fishes of 120 varieties. An array of herbivore, carnivore, omnivore and scavenger fishes, were displayed in 58 quarantine tanks like Exotic Gold fish, Cat fish, Alligator Gar fish, Aquarium Sharks, Tin Foil fish, Amazon River Biotope fish etc.

Students not only enjoyed but they also penned down all the information regarding various types of fishes. The questions raised by the students were duly answered by the guide. They were also provided with light refreshment. The students tapped their feet at the beats of music. It was a practical learning experience including fun and pleasure.