Drawing & Colouring Competition and Card Making Competition @ SBPS

“One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.”
Father’s Day was observed at SBPS wherein the students of SBPS expressed their love and affection for their fathers by participating in Inter- house Card Making and Drawing & Colouring Competition.
Students of KG.I to STD. II came up with innovative ideas that expressed their emotions, joy, love and feelings towards father.
The Competition culminated with announcement of winners.
From Std. KG I, Rishit Singh (Atharvaveda) stood 1st, Kavya Aditi (Atharvaveda) stood 2nd and Devi Priya (Yajurveda) stood 3rd. From Std. KG II, Ujjwal Kumar Singh (Samveda) stood 1st, Disha (Rigveda) stood 2nd and Rishi Raj Sharma (Samveda) stood 3rd in Drawing & Colouring Competition.
From Std. I, Krishvee (Atharvaveda) stood 1st, Aditi Singh(Samveda) stood 2nd and Garima (Samveda) stood 3rd. From Std. II, Aahana Gupta (Samveda) stood 1st, Sanat Ujjain (Yajurveda) stood 2nd and Sachi (Rigveda) stood 3rd in Card Making Competition.