Creative Writing Competition

A creative writing competition was held in Sarala Birla Public School to enhance the writing skills of the students. Children of grade 3 to 5 participated in the competition and showed their talent by their profound imagination. In the competition from class 3 group Smahi Poddar of class III ‘B’ from Shamveda bagged the 1st position. Saumya Prasad of III ‘E’ from Atharvaveda stood second followd by Dhruv Bharatiya of III ‘G’ from Rigveda at 3rd position.
From grade 4 group, Nayasa Deep of IV ‘A’ from Atharvaveda stood first followed by Yash Mittal of IV ‘D’ from Yajurveda at 2nd position and Devansh of IV ‘B’ from Samveda at 3rd position.In grade 5 group Mehul Santhalia of V ‘E’ from Rigveda took the 1st position. Palak Bagla of V ‘F’ from Atharvaveda at 2nd position and Tanveer Singh Ajmani of V ‘D’ from Atharvaveda at 3rd position.