constitution day celebrated

26th Nov 1949 was the day when our constitution was adopted under the chairmanship of  Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. To promote the constitutional values, students of Sarala Birla Public School celebrated ‘Constitution day’ on 26th November, 2016. The day started with a mass reading of Preamble and then a quiz related to Indian Constitution. All the students participated in it and exhibited their knowledge and information related to the topic. The students of classes VI to XII expressed their views on various topics related to the Indian Constitution in a Speech Competition in Hindi as well as English, A debate competition for the students of Std. IX to XII on the topic ‘Demonetisation is beneficial for strengthening Indian Economy’ was also conducted in order to spread the message that social equality can be engendered in the society through such measures. The students were also made aware of their fundamental rights and duties. The proud winners were Swati Soumya (1st position), Ujjawal Mohta (2nd position),  and Ishita Chawla (3rd position). All the winners were congratulated and their efforts were praised.