Celebration of World Population Day at SBPS

Celebration of World Population Day at SBPS
“There is a huge population explosion around the globe. It is reported that every 12 years, another billion people are added to the globe’s population.”
Keeping this in mind and the arrival of the ‘World Population Day’ which is observed on 11th of July every year, Sarala Birla Public School, Ranchi provided the pupils with the opportunity to highlight these facts through “Group discussion.” The school had provided perfect opportunity to the pupils to discuss in class some of the challenges associated with an ever growing global society. The pupils from Std. III to VIII participated in this activity. The students expressed their deep concern and care for the healthy growth and safety of human race. They showcased the consequences of population explosion that included food and water shortage, war and social conflict and depletion of natural resources.
The Principal “Mrs. Poonam Singh” was extremely contented to see the active participation and to hear the concern of young generation towards ‘population explosion’. She remarked, “The purpose of conducting this activity is to spread awareness about the dire consequences of population explosion. The natural resources may deplete, if there would be huge growth in population and so it is we who need to serve humanity by encouraging sustainable development through judicious use of natural resources.”
One group from each section was proclaimed as winner and each member of the group was conferred with certificates. The activity was considerably a successful one.
Position Holders
Class –III- Tanveer Singh Ajmani, Suyash Bansal, Sanvi Gupta, Arnav Prakash Gupta, Ansh Garg, Siddhi Agarwal, Soumya Bakshi.
Class – IV – Vansh Dhillon, Prachi Kejriwal, Tirth Shresth, Sidhant Vaibhav, Akarsh Kumar Singh, Shubhshri Sahani.
Class – V – Ayush Saraf, Harshita Budhia, Nandita Prakash, Vani Madhogoria, Anshuman Shandilya, Anuroop Amrit, Krishna Sardana, Khushi Singh Chauhan.
Class –VI – Ashwin Kumar, Abhishek Kumar, Md. Aamir, Ishit Jain, Shreya Singh, Bhumika Jain, Muskan Kumari, Priya Kumari, Anushka Goyal, Ishita Singh, Bhargavi, Divyanshu Sanyal, Shubham, Harshit Raj, Aditya Raj, Kumari Khushi, Soumya Pandey, Nishika Pandey.
Class –VII – Somi, Isha, Sanya, Shubhoshree, Keiara Vidyarthi, Priyanshi Kumari, Janshi Priya, Anushka Mukherjee, Sonal Kumari, Diksha Jain, Tanya Upadhyaya, Surbhi Mahto, Saumya, Shourya, Shashank, Yash, Aryaman.
Class –VIII – Kanupriya, Raj Pandey, Harsh Kumar, Shubhangini, Harshit Arnab Toppo, Aditya Roy, Ansh Kumar, Swarat