Celebration of World Health Day

On 8th & 9th of April SBPS organized activities on ‘World Health Day’. The pupils of grade III to VIII were encouraged to undertake the activities. Different activities based on the theme “Verbal presentation on World Health Day” was accomplished in the form of poems, skit, song, debate and deliberations, extempore, speeches etc. A well developed involvement of pupils was discerned. Pupils from each grade have shown intense and eagerness and enjoyment in conducting the presentation and gave marvelous performance. Their main focus was to give information about ‘how to keep food safe and avoid infections’.
Our Principal Mrs. Poonam Singh paid a call on to all the grades and persuaded the children for their engagement at a large scale. She recognized the full worth of their presentations and motivated them for the same.
Through this activity, pupils learned how to store their eatables cautiously and stay away from germs and infections. The pupils with best presentation from each grade were awarded in order to boost them.