Celebration of World Day for Water

On 24th of March, Sarala Birla Public School, Ranchi organized activities on World Day for Water. In this, the students of classes 3 to 5 and their class teachers had participated. Different activities based on the theme ‘Artistic Presentation on World Day for Water’ were performed which included class room presentation in the form of poems, articles, drawings, models, songs, skit etc. Our Principal Mrs. Poonam Singh visited all the classes and motivated the children for participation at a large scale. She also appreciated the presentations of students. A full-fledged participation of students was seen. Students of each grade gave fabulous performances. They showed enthusiasm and great interest in the activities and worked hard for their presentation. ‘Cherish every drop of water starting from myself, starting from now’ was the message given by the children.
Students learnt how to care for environment and ways to preserve precious water res. They came to know about the importance of each and every drop of water and took each to preserve it. Students with best presentations were awarded.