Celebration of ‘International Joke Day’ at Sarala Birla Public School

Celebration of ‘International Joke Day’ at Sarala Birla Public School
“Laughter has been scientifically proven to be beneficial for human health” Keeping this in mind and commemorating the ‘International Joke Day’ which is celebrated all over the globe on 1st of July. SBPS organized an activity termed as ‘verbal presentation of Jokes’. The activity was being undertaken by the pupils of Std. III to VIII and was meant to provide refreshment to the pupils who are generally burdened with their studies and spread joy and cheer through jokes and funny activities. Each pupil was required to deliver a ‘non-controversial joke’ and the marks were allotted on the basis of the response of the listeners. The maximum marks were for the one who was able to spread maximum of smile and laughter. All the pupils have shown great enthusiasm as it provided them with the opportunity to laugh and spread laughter.
The Principal, Mrs. Poonam Singh was extremely happy to see the active participation of the pupils and remarked, “The purpose of undertaking the activity is to spend a little amount of our time in celebrating the humor in our lives.”
The winners were announced section wise and were awarded with certificates in order to encourage them. It was a great success.
Our Winners :
Std. III – Rahul Verma, Vansh Poddar, Pragati Mukherjee, Abhishek Kumar Singh, Prisha Dalmia, Sneha,

Std. IV – Bhavya Fogla, Vedant Sharma, Sadiya Eram, Prakriti Soni, Harsh Kumar Singh, Avishi Jayaswal, Harsh Kumar, Akanksha Keshri, Bhoomi Palriwal, Aditya Lakra,

Std. V – Vivek Sharma, Abhinav Mishra, Om Kumar, Vedant Lakhani, Khushi, Jennet Tamanna Barla, Divya Agarwal, Raunak Kumar Modi, Keshav Gopalka, Ankur Panjwani, Priyanshu Kumar,

Std. VI – Sameer, Pranjal, Ritik Ranjan, Anirban Bose, Aditya Dutta,

Std. VII – Priyanshu Kumar, Palak Srivastava, Harsh Vardhan Singh, Vatsal Dalmia,

Std. VIII – Raj Pandey, Gauransh, Sourav Goshwami, Harsh Dhanuka, Ankit Dubey.