CBSE National Chess Tournament 2017 @ SBPS (Day 1)

  • ‘The school provides suitable ambience for creating national and international chess players…’ says CBSE Observer

On 15th Nov 2017, all the participating schools contested with each other and the winners were awarded 2 points each.
The Principal, Mrs. Paramjit Kaur said that International Rank holders like Shrijit Palit(2319) , Hari Madhawan (2250) , Shubhayan Kundu etc. are also participating in the tournament.
The CBSE Observer, Mr. R.S. Tiwari praised the endeavours of the management and said that school is providing all the amenities required in the creation of masters of the game of chess.
The tournament is being conducted with the support of the CEO of All Jharkhand Chess Association, Pritam Singh, Chief Arbiter, Deepak Kumar, Deputy Arbiter, Prabhat Ranjan Kumar and Ajay Kumar etc.
In the 1st round on day 1 a total of 31 schools were declared winner and bagged 2 points each in the mixed category, while in the girl’s category 29 schools proved their mastery on the game and received 2 points each.