Card Making and Calligraphy Competition @ SBPS

“There is no love greater in this world than a mother’s love”
Mother’s Day was observed at SBPS wherein the students of SBPS expressed their love and gratitude for their mothers by participating in the Inter house Card Making and Calligraphy Competition. Students of Std. KG I – V came up with innovative ideas and sketched them in their cards and also penned their feelings in it. They also wrote heart warming messages for their mothers in the calligraphy competition.
Students securing 1st position in Card Making and Calligraphy Competition are
Samiksha Srivastava of Std. KG I from Samveda house, Malay Neel Bagh of Std. KG II from Samveda house, Agrima Bagaria of Std. I from Atharvaveda house, Paridhi Pushp of Std. II from Yajurveda house, from Std. III Aadya Lodha of Rigveda house and Pratibha Kumari of Samveda house, Vaishnavi Priya of Std. IV from Atharvaveda house and from Std. V, Vristi Arya of Atharvaveda house and Ekanshi Singh of Yajurveda house.