Bal Shree Competition at SBPS

The district level Bal Shree Competition 2015-2016 was conducted at Sarala Birla Public School by the State Bal Bhawan, Jharkhand. The aim and objective of this competition is to enhance the creative potential of the children through various opportunities and activities to experiment, interact, create and perform according to their age, aptitude and ability.
At the scheduled time 10:00 am, the event was inaugurated by the Chief Guest Mr. Rajeev Kamal (CA and Social Worker) accompanied by Mr. Aditya Vikram Jaiswal (President, Empowered Jharkhand), Mr. Rajesh Kasera (President, Lions Club), Mrs. Poonam Singh (Principal, Sarala Birla Public School) and Mr. Ganesh Reddy (Secretary cum CEO, CF), all guests of honour of the program/event.
The competition comprised of four main streams and four sub-streams under each of the main streams. The students from age group 10-16 years participated in 3 categories (Age group 10-12 years, 12-14 years and 14-16 years). The winners will participate in the National level of competition. Around 250-300 participants from all over the state showed their talent in the given four areas of expressions. Since the host school is very much focused in co-curricular and co-scholastic activities, the students participated in it whole- heartedly in the area of their choice, interest and expertise. Needless to mention that S.B.P.S has been focusing on co-curricular activities and hosted many district as well as state level competitions. It is noteworthy that since 2009, Jharkhand has been winning Bal Shree and bringing laurels to the state. The participants were encouraged to give their maximum by the Principal of host school Mrs. Poonam Singh and the admin head Mr. Pradip Varma. Director, Jharkhand State Bal Bhawan Mrs. Abha Sinha, informed that Jharkhand State Bal Bhawan works under the ages of citizens foundation and hoped that like every year, they will perform their best this year also.