Agency of Govt. of Jharkhand with teachers

Meet of: Agency of Govt. of Jharkhand with teachers, students and parents.

Agenda: Inclusion of Ranchi in the list of smart cities in India.

Date: 5th March ’16

Venue:  Ranchi Municipal Corporation Office, SUDA, 2nd floor.

Organised by: Ranchi Municipal Corporation

Attended by:  Ms. Sonaly Gupta (Section Incharge),            Ms. Neha Arya (Section Incharge)

                        Ankita Kumari (Student)                                Mr. Devanand Jha (Parent)

                        Kaustav Banerjee (Student)                            Mr. Kaushik Banerjee (Parent)

                        Shagnik Banerjee

Report:  The planned proposal of Ranchi Municipal Corporation and Agency of Govt. of Jharkhand to set up Ranchi city as an educational hub and make it a smart city socially, economically, environmentally and industrially was placed for a discussion. Parents, students and teachers of reputed schools put forth their suggestions and grievances and got their queries answered. Disposal of solid and liquid waste, intelligent transport system, traffic and women issues, selection of plot etc were the areas of discussion.