Rise , Realize Your Goal

An interaction -cum-motivation programme ‘Space-o-thon’ was conducted by Allenore Corporation New Delhi at Sarala Birla Public School, Mahilong, Ranchi for the students of Std. V to XI. The resource person Mr. Sanjay Banerjee, Chief of strategy and operation, Allenore, an IIM pass out along with Miss Moon, an IIM pass out Spanish-councilor addressed the students and appealed to them to dream big, fix their goal and strive hard to realize it. First, students should decide, determine and then devote their efficiency in that particular field. Medical and engineering are not the only professions. Apart from these, law, fashion designing, journalism, CA, marketing, planning, acting and many other creative fields are there in which students can pursue their efforts.

Citing examples of Chetan Bhagat and Harsha Bhogle, he said that despite having done IIT and IIM, they chose the career of their choice and became successful. He said that everyone has the ability to achieve something big and great, and the only thing which students have to realize is to believe in their ability. They should fix their goal, work on it and when they face any dilemma or have any doubt, Allenore will help them out.

Learning should be put to practice. Instead of working like insulator to the needs of people, it should cater to their requirement. Mentioning the contribution of two students of Jharkhand enrolled with the institute, he said that one of the students from Jamshedpur designed a bottle which can be stored at any temperature. Now Pepsi has decided to use these bottles for their soft drinks.

Allenore is the largest counseling institute of its type pioneering and nurturing the lives of thousands of students and has a wide range of successful professionals throughout the nation who are always available on contact. They help the students in fields of their choice with their valuable advice. It was a successful program and students’ queries were satisfactorily answered by the resource person.