2nd Level Competition for Bal Shree; appreciated by Jury


Having been selected in the 1st level competition for Bal Shree Award  conducted at Sarala Birla Public School on 18th October 2015, 4 students РHrishita Upadhyay, Shubham Saboo, Gaurav Mittal and Anubhav Rachitkar of the SBPS were selected for the 2nd level of competition which was conducted at National Bal Bhawan Kotla Road Delhi on 31st October & 1st November 2015.

2 students, Hrishita Upadhyay of Std. VIII and Shubham Saboo of Std. VIII went for it and participated in the competition whole heartedly out of the 4 selected. To compete in the second phase of the competition, they had to appear in two sessions. In the first session, Hrishita Upadhyay, as she had opted for creative writing (dialogue and drama), was given the topic, ‘The monkey and the tree’ to develop plot, write dialogues & present before the judges. In the second session, She was asked to develop dialogue on “Conversation among three friends about a new film” which she did skillfully.

Shubham Saboo who had opted for Science innovation/model making, was given the assignment to prepare a model on a moving object. He prepared a “Hot air balloon” using thread, pipes, paper balloon etc. which he did successfully. For the second session he was asked to make a model on “How to save energy in a school”. He prepared “Solar Energy” using thermacol, cardboard sheet and colourful papers. Both the students were highly appreciated by the judges.

The children shared their experience with the rest of the students with excitement and joy.