SBPS Hostel

(A Home Away from Home)

Opulent environs, lust green fields, spacious and fully AC dormitories, Natural landscapes, serine surroundings, calm and peaceful atmosphere, lovely gardens, emphasis on outdoor games, monthly excursions, soul searching aura, Gurukul like feeling …
infinite possibilities. Parents and students receive frequent specific feedback on how learners are doing and the scope to improvise. Students have a set of strategies to choose from, for assessing their own thinking and work at par to the standards of excellence.

They have opportunities to reflect individually and in groups on how well they work together to solve problems. When they use their assessments to set specific goals they can take advantage of guidance provided to improve their work to be more like the exemplars and monitor their thinking and teamwork.
Peer and self assessment coupled with individual attention on academics help students of our hostel to become independent learners who understand their own strengths and know how to set goals and monitor their own progress.

Last but not the least the environment here is friendly and children explore themselves in order to shape their personality to the fullest. We are developing multidimensional personalities who are going to represent our country in the days to come in capacity of world citizens.